Friday, August 9, 2013

oh looking back...

it makes me sad sometimes to think about how QUICKLY time our children grow up before our eyes and all we have are the beautiful memories that we create each and every day!

As I think about yet another summer coming to an end (ugh!) I found these pictures from last summer 2012 and it makes me sad to think how much they've grown :-( babies :-(

Our first camping trip EVER last summer 2012 in Sheridan, TX at Splashway Waterpark
 The boys swimming at MeMe's summer 2012
...something we do pretty much 5 times a week during the summer months!
 DisneyWorld May 2012
 We went camping quite a bit last summer which meant making lots of campfires and s'mores, of course!!
  Our favorite thing to do together :-)a
 May 2012, DisneyWorld's Animal Kingdom!  Those snakes lasted about an hour before they smudged up on Expedition Everest...Jake's fav ride!

And then sadly, their first day of school last year, 2012
Jake's First Day of Kindergarten
 I missed him SO much that day...wondering what he was doing, if he was thinking about his Momma and making new friends!  Ah, so hard to watch them grow, change and find their independence :-(  if this is tough, I can only imagine that I'll need MUCH therapy when they go off to college!  How do parents "let go"??  LUMP IN MY THROAT!!!!!

And Justin, my baby.  Whew not sure how I'll be next year when he's in "big boy" school!  Yikes!  This was his first day of Sea Turtle class, preschool!  My baby boy looks so small!  He cried for me through October and I seriously considered allowing him to drop out....hahaha, I know pathetic right?  BUT we pushed on, he made great friends, had wonderful teachers and a great first year of preschool.  

anybody else struggle with the years passing too quickly?  Ugh!  Partly, I'm sooo not ready for the school year but mostly because my "babies" aren't quite babies any longer....whew, I'm a MESS!!!

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