Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Their first visit to the dentist!! Ugh...I had put this appointment off for so long, fearing they'd hate it when actually they loved it! After they had their check-up, cleanings and x-rays they gave them bouncy balls, toothbrushes and a bag full of goodies! I think they'd go back every day :) ha!! Both boys even operated the suction straw on their own! What happened to my babies?? :(  

X-rays, teeth cleaning, meeting Dr. Geno-we love him and they did great!! 
They had to entertain everyone by wearing these like batman capes! 
Justin's was dragging the floor...hilarious! He thought it was so cool! 
My little man watched his big brother & then it was his turn! Hilarious to watch them be such big boys...my babies are growing up :( 
They have no cavities and had great first visits :) 


Party of Five said...


Jonathon Carpenter said...

Parents can be a bit paranoid sometimes, especially in times like this. I rememberI thinking my son would run away when I brought him to the dentist for his first visit. Well, I was wrong. He had a gentle dentist. :)


Magaly Jeon said...

You seem to have underestimated the bravery of your boys, Marissa! No need to worry; it's all done. Allow me to congratulate you for doing a great job in taking care of their teeth - no cavities for your boys! Good job!

-Magaly Jeon @ Premiere Dental

Avis Charland said...

Sometimes, it's really just the moms that are overreacting. I bet you briefed them well enough about what to expect on their dental check up, which is why they were not scared at all. Anyway, just continue teaching your boys on how to take care of their teeth properly, so that they'll maintain them cavity-free for good.

-Avis Charland @ Smiles By Eberle