Monday, August 12, 2013

Wimberley Blue Hole

My hubby and friend remember coming here as kids but I had never been! VERY COOL!! 

Oh yes, LOTS of rope swinging happening here! The place was SO clean, nice families and beautiful atmosphere! 
Justin had to make sure there were no snakes in the was ok and he probably jumped about 100 times from that ledge! 
Huge courtyard for the kids to play! We played football, frisbee and beach volleyball! 
SUCH a fun day :) 
The more we come here, the more we wanna just pick up and move!!! Soooo beautiful, laid back and just plain FUN!!! 


Party of Five said...

So fun! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Annette said...

Looks like a perfect summer trip. Do you guys have snakes in the water?? I'm with Justin...I would need to make sure too!