Sunday, November 3, 2013

Days wrapped into one!

The first to share is my proof from the half marathon last weekend ;) this picture makes me smile....
I was obviously enjoying myself MUCH more this time around!! What an amazing feeling! I did a lot of reflecting and focusing on how far I've come ;) 

Watch out world for this lefty!!! He means BUSINESS and is ready to play ball this spring! 

Happy Halloween! Mis matched socks and all...

MeMe came with us!! 

Daddy & I cruised on the golf cart...whew, it felt nice to be lazy for once! Lol

Trick or Treating! Honestly it was a little dissapointing this year and not even sure why...possibly that it rained ALL DAY LONG! 

These boys were in class together last year but one has moved, the others in different classes but all still have fun together! Great party! 
LIMBO BABY!!!! Poor Jake is SO much taller than his buddies! 

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Mama Hen said...

So adorable! Looks like a great Halloween and you should be so proud of yourself! Yahoo for your accomplishments my friend! :)

Mama Hen