Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey wrap up!!

Thanksgiving was fabulous this year...
Started with a trip to Louisiana to see my Dad's family...SOOOOO many cousins and we all look alike ;) 

Then it was to Zoo Lights at our zoo to meet up with cousins and get into the Holiday spirit! 

Then my Move It Momma's had our first 5K race meet up! My ladies did awesome, couldn't be more proud! SO much fun 
I love our shirts, NEVER QUIT! Ya see my "head momma" on mine?! LOVE IT! 

Then it was time for cousin Aaron to pull my boys tooth!!! The front tooth that was barely hanging on ;) 

And then to pose in front of the family automobiles ;) we're so cheesy!!!! 
Justin wants THIS Excursion! 

And Mommy will take the Ferarri ;) 

Oh wait, maybe he likes it too?!