Sunday, November 3, 2013

SUNDAY FUNDAY...outdoors!

We've figured out that these 2 would LIVE outdoors if possible so most of our days are spent in the backyard or playing basketball in the driveway! 

Today was a baseball game for Jake, the Aggies did AWESOME! Jake got 2 great hits, got the out at first and scored a run! 
But little man has been BEGGING to play out there & today was his chance! 
Lefty showing off his moves ;) 
Now as we wait for our Texans to come on...we shoot hoops! In baseball pants, of course! LOL!! 

Not sure if it's the PE teacher in me, but they sure enjoy the outdoors MUCH more than I did as a child and that makes me VERY happy!! Especially how much being active changed my life, I hope they love being active & playing outdoors for a lifetime!!

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Mama Hen said...

We love being outside also! That is great that you are always doing things in the outdoors with your kids. Great for you Marissa in your last post with your fantastic accomplishment! You look wonderful and your children will be so inspired by you! :) Hope all is well! Have a great night!

Mama Hen