Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I kept thinking that Justin(our youngest) was SO much bigger than his big bro, Jacob at this age! Boy, was I wrong! After finding the stats, at 17months Jacob was wearing a bigger shoe, but other than that...both in 2T!!! Yes, you read that correctly-
2T at 17months!!
These brothers might be in the same size clothes at the same age,
but let me tell you, they are SO DIFFERENT!
Jacob, even at 17 months was soooo different from baby brother, Justin!
For instance...
Justin: a sweet, cuddler that will give hugs like CRAZY!
Jacob: won't let you hold him for more than 4 seconds!
Justin: TOTAL picky eater...can't trick him into eating anything thats even somewhat healthy Jacob: He eats from all the food groups, will try new things, and LOVES healthy food!
Justin: SLEEPS all the time...would sleep the day away if you'd allow it!
Jacob: NEVER SLEEPS...he won't stop until the house is silent and then once he doesn't think he's missing out on anything else-he'll CRASH!
Justin: NEVER meets a stranger-total PEOPLE person and LOVES to talk and be social
(like his Momma!)
Jacob: hides behind Momma when people talk to him, does NOT like to be the center of attention, does not like ANY attention
(like his Daddy!)
Justin: baby blue eyes-like Daddy
Jacob: brown eyes-like Mommy
They may be different, but one thing is for sure...
**and now, time for a fun GAME of guess who??!
(both boys at 17 months)


Like that was really tough, right?! ...these boys really don't look much like brothers :(
but that's ok, they sure LOVE each other, WE LOVE THEM and that's ALL that matters!!


Mandee said...

My boys are so very different too! My 5 year old is all of a sudden reminding me so much of my 10 year old though. He is so much like him! They all have their own personalities though, and my 7 year old couldn't be more different from his brothers! Oh, and I thought your boys looked a lot alike in those pics! :)

Sorry I haven't been around in a while! Life has been crazy busy lately!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so cute!! I think they look so much alike, maybe that's just me though. I really like your blog and I'm so glad you found mine :)

LindyLouMac said...

What handsome sons you have. Thankyou for becoming a new follower on News From Italy' I look forward to sharing my love Italy with you.

Mama Hen said...

Marissa how cute is this post! My sister and I are so different. She is very tall and I am short. She is super outgoing and I have always been shy. I can go on. They are so adorable and I hear you about loving them to the moon! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

TV's Take said...

These comparisons are so great and will be so neat to share with them when they have kiddos of their own. Thank for stopping by tonight - your comment was great.

Annette said...

These brothers have one thing in common--a wonderful mom like you! How interesting that they each have different personalities. I guess that's what makes life so interesting!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Your boys are adorable!
My kids are like night and day! I'm still surprised by how different they are!