Sunday, October 31, 2010

Call 9-1-1, Jacob is turning FOUR!

Thanks to ALL of Jacob's family and friends for such a memorable,
fantastic FOURTH Birthday, he'll NEVER forget :) We love you all! It took him a while to warm up to all of the excitement, but once he did-he was HAPPY!
Here come the FIREMEN!!! Sirens, lights and all!!

All of the yummy breakfast Mommy prepared for my friends and family!

Little brother wasn't too sure about this big 'ol truck,
but he decided to pose with the Birthday Boy!

Mommy was TRYING to keep all of the kiddos focused until the truck arrived!!

Yep, that's right...Daddy and Jacob took a ride in the firetruck!
All of our neighbors were outside taking pictures and waving as we passed by!!

Jacob discovering that firemen have flashlights on their helmets...
he thought that was AWESOME!

Jacob and his buddy, Luke. Hard to believe these two boys are four years old...
they started hanging out when they were only 18 months old!

Adeline, Jacob, Landon, Bella and Parker! FUN TIMES!!

Here's our attempt at getting ALL of the kiddos up front for a photo...
not the greatest, but we tried :)

Not only did they take a ride around in the firetruck, they were able to shoot the water hose....the firemen had cones lined up and the kids had to knock them down with the water!

Justin wasn't too sure about this...

Playing some b-ball with his buddies!

Present TIME! Woohooo, and he sure got some great gifts!!

and after the birthday boy blew out his "4" candle,
he took a big bite out of a kolache instead of the donut....Ha! Silly boy!
It's safe to say that this birthday boy was SO happy with his firetruck party!
He thanked Mommy and Daddy at least 100 times last night!
He said it was THE best birthday ever and he didn't want it to end :) So sweet!
Although party planning can be hectic and overwhelming at times, when I saw the SMILE on this boy's face as that firetruck pulled around the corner, all the stress went AWAY! Watching him enjoy himself THAT's a feeling like NO other! We love you sweet boy,


The Scott's said...

it was a super fun party...i had just as much fun as b&b!!!

cooperl788 said...

What an awesome party! I love that you got the fire department to come out and that he got to take a ride in the engine. Happy 4th birthday Jacob!

Annette said...

Happy birthday Jacob! What a great party theme! I love all the pictures--he has a smile from ear to ear. Also, it really hit me when you took a picture of his little 4 year-old friend and said the two of them knew each other since they were 18 months. Wow! Where does the time go?

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! Happy birthday to your little man! Love the decorations and everything!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 4th Birthday to Jacob! He sure did have an awesome birthday party!

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Happy Birthday, buddy! Has to be the coolest birthday party of all time!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Hattie said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!!! What an awesome party. You did a great job!!!

Mama Hen said...

A huge happy birthday Jacob! This party looks so amazing! Wow! Fire truck, goodies, friends,firemen, family, etc. This celebration is fantastic Marissa! You put together a fun day! Have a great week!

Mama Hen

Tini Posh said...

Happy Birthday to your Lil Jacob!! Love, love, love your party!!