Friday, October 1, 2010

a smile or laugh...

I watch these boys laugh, giggle, cry, get mad, and various other emotions, but as I think back on the FUN times we've had lately as a family, I'm not sure which expression I enjoy seeing on their faces more...the smile or the laugh? (come on, you know its not the mad or cry face!!)
Take this first pic for example...
Justin is totally smiling for his Mommy,
however big brother Jacob is TOTALLY annoyed
and that's the MOST fake smile I've EVER seen (Ha!) and this next, it seems to be that my youngest child is learning from big brother and decided to yell, "CHEESE" at Mommy and made this toothy grin!! super fake, right?!

This smile is tricky...he gets me with this one A LOT.
You think it's real and oh so sweet, BUT while you're snapping the pic, he's telling you,
"Hurry up Mom, my mouth hurts from smiling!"

Now these two pics below are definitely of the full blown, GIGGLES!
They LOVE to take all of our sheets, pillows and anything else that might be on the bed at that time, then make a HUGE pile.
They take a running start and then DIVE onto the pile
while they are laughing so hard, they almost choke!

SO, I'm not sure if I prefer watching them smile or laugh the most...hmmm, it's a hard decision?!
I guess if its not crying or getting mad at each other...
I'll take 'em both, FAKE smiling and all!!


alicia said...

I love a good old belly laugh picture- of people at any age. The joy just radiates from those faces then. ;)

TV's Take said...

My daughter now runs from the camera so her smiles are not as easily captured. Love their little faces

cooperl788 said...

Even their fake smiles are cute! But I love their laughing pics - you can definitely see the joy in their eyes!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Those boys are adorable!!!

Hannah said...

They are all cute LOL! But I think the laughing pictures are my favorite!