Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oil Ranch: Part 1

With my husband being off during the week, we try to take advantage and do as MANY fun things as possible, and one of those things was Oil Ranch yesterday!
SO fun, we'll have to go back there very soon :)
I think this train ride was the highlight for the boys...they LOVED it!

No FUN day is complete without a round of mini-golf!

...yea, he may not use a club but he sure liked running around on the "greens"

Is that a PUMPKIN driving that Tractor??!!

these roosters were ALL over the place...chasing the boys and the boys were chasing them too, HILARIOUS!!

I know we're from Texas and we're suppose to know these things, but this was THE first time I'd ever seen someone milk a cow! Pathetic, I know... but as you can see,
Justin thought it was the COOLEST thing EVER!!

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Hannah said...

Love the pictures of you and hubby with the boys! Too cute! That looks like such a fun place!