Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a visit to MeMe's work

MeMe had promised Jacob a visit to her work, she is in environmental sales and works for a company with LOTS of things that her grandson's L.O.V.E, such as...tractors, trucks, and big equipment! All the tough guy stuff Jacob loves, so today seemed like a great day for a trip to her work, then to a delicious restaurant on the water(for my birthday,
YES I'll be 31 in TWO DAYS), and a trip over to the battleship too!

He's a big boy up on that tractor...he LOVED it!
He said MeMe's work was THE coolest :)

As we drove off, he asked if he could go to MeMe's work EVERY day!

and there's the Battleship, pretty cool huh??! We were going to get tickets and hop on board, but our littlest man was super tired and crashed out as soon as we got into the car after lunch...maybe next time! It was a gorgeous day, 60 degrees
SUNNY and breezy and best of all, NOT humid! Yayyyy!
Although I've been wishing for snow just once this winter,
this weather will work for me too :)


Annette said...

Oh, MeMe's place of work is awesome! I know my son would just love all those tractors and construction vehicles! It sounds like this is a visit he won't forget any time soon.

While you're hoping for snow, I'm hoping for the 60 degrees...we have yet another snow storm brewing for tomorrow. I love the snow...just not driving in it :)

The Scott's said...

Maybe Jacob can go to work with MeMe one the days that he doesn't go to school! Ha ha she would LOVE that!!! Yesterday was nice, but today, it's going to get NASTY again! Happy early many birthday's have we celebrated together as friends..a LOT!!!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! I bet the boys loved visiting and getting to ride big tractors! Too cool!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It looks like he loved his visit! I'd happily take that weather, by the way. ;)
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

TV's Take said...

Wow, that looks like every boys dream. Happy Early B-day!!! Hope you have a great day with your adorable family.

Xenia said...

Oh my goodness, I think every little boy that I know would be overjoyed to go to MeMe's work! How fun!

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!