Wednesday, August 31, 2011

brotherly moments and birthday wishes

These boys may argue over toys and fight for attention frequently but I can't help but stop and really take in moments like these. Isn't this what life is all about? Watching my boys discover new things, have a conversation about nothing and just be Brothers.
It's the moments like these that make me so grateful for being able to be with these boys each day as they grow. I am able to watch these special moments that I sometimes missed from being busy? To me nothing is more important than this. NOTHING.

My grandmother's 86th birthday would have been today. I miss her so much, each and every day. I know that she is watching over these boys and capturing moments like these, just as I do. Her death helps me understand how precious life truly is. How our time here is about making moments matter. Not about things, but it's about relationships, love, memories, the way we make others feel. Right?
We miss you, Bonka...
every day, every moment...we miss you.
I still remember your smell, the way you'd say hello when I'd call, the way we'd rub noses each time we said goodbye, the way your hands felt-always cold and wrinkly, the way you'd focus so hard on your crossword puzzles. I use Dove soap because it smells like YOU, I can't seem to part with some of your things that are of no use to me, I loved Jacob's smile when we'd drive up to visit you...all these things I am SO afraid I'll forget. I want to remember ALL of these little things on this day and always. Happy Birthday, Bonka.


TV's Take said...

Happy Bday to your Gma! What a nice tribute. That picture of your boys is so cute. I adore brothers together, something very special.

Annette said...

Happy belated birthday to your grandmother...I'm glad you took the time to write about the things you remember--those are all the treasured things you need to keep near and dear to your heart so her memory lives forever.

I love that your boys are so close...They are so lucky to have each other and their wonderful mom and dad :) Enjoy your weekend!

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cajunlicious said...

Love your blog! Happy belated birthday to your grandmother!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Happy Birthday to your beloved Grandmother and I know she's enjoying watching your boys together as much as you do.

M.O.T.B said...

My Gma will be 86 October 5th. She went into the ICU yesterday. Gparents are such blessings. My heart goes out to you.