Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disney Bound!

We leave for Disney Cruise/Disney World in a few days!  We are getting EXCITED!!
Yesterday when we checked the mail, our sweet friends Jenni, Frank and Jillian sent the boys a SURPRISE!
 It was a gift card for each of the boys to spend on the cruise or at Disney World!  
HOW COOL!  Thanks guys, I'm sure they'll put it to very good use!  

And no Sunday is quite complete without the four of us piling in the bed and doing what we do best, 
ACT SILLY!  We laughed, played and told funny stories and had to snap a pic to recap the moment!

Sunday, during the day we wanted to watch our Houston Texans in the playoffs, so we headed to Houston and watched with our cousins at Aunt Anga's house!  So much fun and the boys thought it was hilarious to yell and jump up and down with the big cousins as they showed their Texans support!

Justin and Aaron playing on their Texans Apps on the iPhones!  
 And of course sweet man had to give Gabi some lovin'!  He sure loves the ladies :)  
had a fun day with family...hope you all had a great weekend/week too!  Too bad the Texans lost...
there's always next year right?!

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