Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun at the Boat Show!

We had a great time this morning at the boat show!! We saw all of our favorite things! boats, campers, jet skis, golf carts and more, even found some great campgrounds we'll have to try this spring! our trailer that we bought last summer was there on display, and the kids thought that was so cool! Justin was so proud that he was the only one that caught a fish during his group round so he was screaming and throwing his hands in the air...hilarious kid! We are going strong on the green smoothie challenge and as of Day 5 we are already feeling/ seeing change. I was always a huge smoothie addict when I first lost the weight!
Now with kids and things ( excuses, I know!) it became more difficult but we are BACK! And nothing is stopping us this time!
Hope your resolutions are in full swing too :-)
Oh and not sure if you heard but GO TEXANS! One step closer!!!!! Our biggest Texans fan, Molly sported her jersey to show support!

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