Saturday, February 27, 2010

"I Can Only Imagine.."

I must start this post by saying I am amazed each day by the power of family and friends during times like this. It's a beautiful thing. A bond between a grandmother and her granddaugther, is a bond like no other. Losing her has been the hardest thing for me and my family. Watching my mother hurt for her sends chills through me. Not sure what I can do to make her feel comforted. My grandmother, Bonka, had a way about her that made you feel so loved, so cared for. She always knew what to say and do when you went to her for help. Always had a home remedy for being sick and somehow, they always worked! She loved my two sons, her great-grandkids like they were her was the most amazing thing to watch. When I say her eyes actually lit up when Jacob would walk through her door, I mean it. It was fabulous for me to watch her building that strong bond with them as she did with me so very long ago. This link is something that a friend sent to me last night after the visitation and it brought peace to me like nothing else. Thank you Jenni. A beautiful song, beautiful words...capture all that I know she is feeling and seeing at this very moment. Such a wonderful place. And we have her memories to carry with us for a lifetime. Thank you Bonka, for the being the greatest grandparent, friend, homemaker, glue that stuck the family together, warm heart that people were drawn to, and SO, SO, much more...listen to this song, it's beautiful. Bonka with her first grandson, my sweet Jacob. He is going to miss her dearly. They formed such a beautiful bond a mother, I loved watching their relationship form day to day. He would get very excited to go and see her and she would do the same. He'd jump out of the car when we got there, she'd be waiting at her door, arms wide open for a big hug and an eskimo kiss. He'd grab her stool from her bathroom, drag it over and sit right next to her and show her his toys and tell her some pretty funny stories...he kept her laughing. She was able to watch him grow and my heart aches that she was only able to spend very little time with my sweet Justin. I only have ONE picture of the two of them together and this breaks my heart, but I know he loves her and he will miss her too. She left a mark. a very, very big mark in both of their hearts and lives forever....

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Tiffany Hedges said...

Oh Marissa my heat aches for you, and what you and your family are going through! Just know that Bonka is watching over all of you up in heaven. You are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day!
Love ya-