Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You decide?

Okay, so you be the judge...he'll be 9 months old very soon and still no crawling! This little man would MUCH rather stand up, take some steps every now and then(happening more these days!), eat and LAUGH! Will he crawl or just take off one day walking all over our house??
You gotta admit, the boy looks so darn cute standing there strikin' a pose for his Momma, right? So, does it really matter if he gets crawling down in the near future? Momma says NO! I mean, I am able to still get things done around the house and I am not super excited about chasing him around and not being able to go ANYWHERE because he'll knock things down, break things, try putting toys in electrical outlets-yes, ours are covered but can't speak for others!, (or maybe that was just Jacob? Ha!)

Oh and this picture? Well, this one is there just to give you all an idea of a day in the McClellen house! Ha! Trying to catch a picture of Justin standing there like a little man and big man jumps in pushing himself through just in time for the camera to SNAP! Ha! and that would be Justin mid-fall right before his bottom hit the ground...luckily he's a trooper and just laughed it off!
Gotta love these boys and man, we sure DO!

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