Sunday, January 31, 2010


Soccer Tots!
So, yesterday was our very first soccer class WOOHOOOO!

Parker and Jacob showing off after class...these two were hilarious! They walked straight in, went to a soccer ball, and started to PLAY! This was wonderful to me because I was So worried that Jacob would freeze up, not walk in, and just stand there with Mommy and Daddy. But thankfully, that did not happen...whew, what a relief! and HE DID GREAT!
Playing parachute! Seriously in SHOCK that both of them followed directions the whole time! Not that they are not well-behaved, but Jacob likes to not-follow-directions a lot of times when it's Mommy giving them, does that happen to anyone else?

stretching with the coach. I almost fell on the floor when I saw Jacob doing this alongside his coach! HILARIOUS! He was SO focused and kept waving at Daddy and I just to make sure we were watching! Loved it....and do you see who is sitting right by Coach Aaron? That would be my son, he followed him around the whole practice!

working on the cone drill...this was fun to watch! They had to use only their feet, knock down the cone and then try to pick it back up with NO HANDS! I'm telling you, Jacob was determined! So cute! do you see how focused?

Setting up the ball to make a GOAL! He and Parker kept lining the ball up, kicking it in and then they'd yell out, "GOAL" was highly entertaining for us to sit back and watch!

Thank goodness! he enjoyed himself, he had fun, he was active and LOVED every second of it. It just made my day knowing how much fun he had. We got him loaded up into the car and the first thing he said was, "When do we go back to soccer?"...gotta love hearing that! I'm telling you, I was seriously WORRIED this would not go well and we are so happy that it did! GOOD JOB Jacob on your very, first soccer practice! You and Parker did a fantastic job!


Anonymous said...

I love that Blog and the pictures!! I am the SoccerTots Director of Franchise Sales. Can I have your permission to point people towards this to show how much fun kids can have and how much they can accomplish. Goooo SoccerTots!!
Andy Plaut

Tiffany Hedges said...

WhooHoo!! GO Jacob!!!! We are so glad you loved your soccer class!! Maybe we can come watch you sometime! =) See you soon!
Tiffany & Kailey