Monday, January 4, 2010

All Bundled Up!

Bundled Up and ready to play outside with big brother...isn't this the sweetest little hat? It's from Bass Pro Shops and has little bear ears attached to it! Perfect for this sweet, little boy! Nevermind the fact that it took Momma about 30 minutes just to get both boys bundled and ready to play outside, once I'd get Justin ready to go, he'd pull off his shoes(he's really quick!) and throw them to Jacob, then Jacob would run in circles laughing about Justin pulling the shoes off and this cycle repeated itself over and over...for 30minutes! CRACKS ME UP!
Notice the "once was a" sandbox lid in the backgroud of this pic! See it? This cute sandbox USED to be full of sand until our little man decided to dump all of the sand in the grass...and the little sand that was left as of today, is now GONE! Thanks Jake! He's our handy man!! But hey, he had fun while doing it, so who cares? You've gotta respect how his little mind works-it's fascinating sometimes!

Justin enjoying watching his brother dump the sand and each time Jacob would come running up to tell us that he dumped more sand, Justin would giggle and start bouncing up and down in his little Jump N Go! This little man wants Jacob's attention all day long and big bro, Jacob is getting better at making Justin feel special! NO matter how cold it is outside, watching these two boys play and just be boys makes their Momma happier than words can say!
the weather reports's only gettin' colder around here so, BUNDLE UP and STAY WARM! Maybe we'll get more snow???


The Scott's said...

They are so cute! It's a lot of work getting all the layers of clothes on huh? I thought about taking B&B out for a wagon ride today just to get out of the house, but I decided not to! Stay warm...and maybe we will get more snow!!!

The Roaches... said...

You guys are sooo cute!! You inspire me to be a mom. ;-) Glad I found out you have a blog!