Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Momma, You're Silly"

"Momma, you're silly", is what I hear each time I try and get Jacob to smile! If you could hear the goofy noises I make while trying to get these boys to smile cute for a picture! It's pretty embarrassing! For some reason, the more ridiculous I act, the more little Justin will start cracking up, and Jacob looks at me like I'm a total FOOL... Look at this sweet boy and his Momma! If you didn't know better, you'd think he was a true Momma's boy...but since I know better, he's showin' Momma some love because Daddy is still at work!
That smile is priceless! In the picture you can't see, but Justin is smiling so big because he finally was able to wiggle over and grab a toy of Jacob's! Ahhh, VICTORY!

And this would be the face Jacob makes when he's begging me to stop being silly! I keep telling him he better get used to it, because his Momma is SILLY!
Man, I love these boys more than words...

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The Scott's said...

I wonder what their faces would have looked like Saturday night? I'm going to post that video on my blog...just because I LOVE you! You won't be mad will you?!?!?!?