Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gettin' his grub on!

Oh yea, that's our boy! He loves him some pancakes! Today he had pancakes and eggs...YUM! If Mommy didn't give it to him fast enough, he was reaching, attempting to fall out of the Bumbo for some more! That's dedication.
My boy is getting TOO big, is there such a thing? He likes eating out of my hand...he does not like me feeding him. ?? I struggle with being 30 and I now struggle with letting my 8 month old grow up! What is wrong with me?? But I must admit, he looks super cute feeding himself, RIGHT?

Full Belly= Happy Boy Ahhhh, Mission Accomplished: BELLY IS FULL!!!
Check out that belly pokin' out! LOVE IT!
Love you sweet boy! Those eyes, that smile, that EVERYTHING...we love you SO much!

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