Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is our group of volunteers. January 13, 2010 headed out to the site to see the house for the first time. For those of you who have spoken to me on the phone, you know that this experience was SO different that what we all expected...SO DIFFERENT. But we didn't know that yet...
Walking up to the house on Jan.13th, this is what we saw. Almost done, or so you think. ?? There were camera crews everywhere, people handing out snacks/water to volunteers. We had to have the hard hats on at ALL TIMES and the t-shirt. More for those of you who don't live right around here. This was taking place right up the road from our house, so it was an opportunity we'd never have again.

The Crooked House. First time I saw these was on John and Kate Plus 8, remember? They had like ten of them at their new house?? Anyway, this one is pretty neat too. I kept wanting to walk inside, but thought that wouldn't be right while others were working SO hard and I was taking a tour of the playground equip! Ha!

Jessica Alba...the celebrity of this episode. I'll let you be the she working hard up there or what??? Ha.

Designer Paul giving someone instructions....LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Jessica and Paul during a scene at the garage. She was working very hard trying to get this house ready in you see the determination on her face?

This WAS my favorite designer, Tracy. I watched her all the time, because she seems so caring and hard-working on TV. Well, I saw her three or four times, this close up, even once I walked right past her while I was working in the house and she was sitting on the floor in living room, she never acknowledged anyone, or at least while we were around. Sad, but true.
Designer Michael was a bit more friendly. He paused for a sec. for me to take this picture of him....better than nothing, right?

Filming the scene where the bust open the back of the truck, everyone screams, and they pull new furniture out from Gallery Furniture(a local fav.!) I think they filmed this scene six a row.

So, this was the house on Thursday, January 14, 2010. They were filming scenes constantly. So, everyone wants to know our overall experience and I must say, I was not thrilled. We were VERY excited when we heard about being able to be there, my cousin took off work, we were pumped! Then, you get there, hundreds of volunteers(which is amazing for our community and how great they are), stress is all around, inside the house was a bit more settled, we worked hard and helped where needed. My favorite job was helping lay the brick/concrete for the walkway leading to the family front door. We also removed tags from all new furniture, appliances, decide if that was a fun job or not? Ha! As far as details about the house inside, we are not suppose to be talking because this show will not air until March 2010. BUT, over the phone we can work something out! Ha! Don't get me wrong, I think what they do for families in need is by far, the most amazing thing on the planet! However, I had a different vision of what this would all look like. I know Hollywood will be Hollywood, but I just didn't picture it at all like what it was. Makes me question all of my favorite shows now. I am very excited for this family, because this home does have everything they will need for their children, EVERYTHING! And we were still happy to be a part of something that would help a family so deserving. I can't keep saying, it was just DIFFERENT.
But here's to Extreme Makeover, Home Edition 2010!


The Scott's said...

I'll be calling you later because I was ALL the details!

Hattie said...

Hi just found your blog. My friend was there helping out too. I wanted to go, but it fell on my birthday! What a cool experience!