Friday, January 8, 2010

Hook 'Em Horns! (better luck next year guys!)

Yes, it is true that both Brandon and I graduated from SHSU, but we have become huge Longhorn fans thanks to Pop! As you can see, Jacob has even learned how to Hook 'Em! We were excited all day, and the game was off to a great start when Colt seemed to have hurt his shoulder(Ughhh) and he was OUT. The Horns came back and fought hard but it just wasn't enough for a championship this year! Oh well, I can say I wasn't looking forward to facing the FREEZING weather to go to Academy at midnight if they won, so that was good!
We still had a good time with MeMe, DeDe and Pop...thanks for coming over and helping us cheer on the Horns! Jacob didn't care if they won or lost, he just cared that he was able to stay up until 11:30 when the game finally came to an end! Ha!

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