Tuesday, January 26, 2010

feelin' crafty

Okay, so I saw these for sale for $45.00 and since I'm sort of cheap...I thought to myself, I am not paying that much for them, so I made my own! Sort of kept my mind off things and it was FUN. Jacob even helped me put the glaze on them to make them Bling! Ha! I was trying them out, so I have to go get more necklace clasps, but I think these will look super cute with all of my black and white outfits! I also made some purple ones, sage green ones too! I cannot figure out how all these Etsy shoppers take fabulous pictures of their "stuff", so this is the best I've got but wait 'til ya see them in person! GO ME!


The Scott's said...

well, look at you martha! what are the rings and where did you find them? you know i'm going to want to make some!!!

The Roaches... said...

Super cute!! Love them! And who said you couldn't be a mom to girls?!