Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yep, we have been New Orleans Saints fans for quite a while now...

Reason #1: Houston Texans aren't fun to support! Ha!
(even though I was born here and have always lived around here...)

Reason #2: Lots of our Italian family lives in New Orleans -we love visiting that city as much as possible to see our family and enjoy the delicious FOOD! Oh and cheer on the Saints...

Last year when we were there, we must have searched every store in the city to find Jacob a Reggie Bush, Saints jersey...after three days of searching, we found it and I'll have to post a pic of him sporting the jersey very soon! He wore it all day yesterday in honor of their VICTORY!

But the exciting news is that they are headed to the SuperBowl for the first time EVER!


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Hattie said...

Okay I'll admit it...I'm a Texan fan (would be a bigger fan if we had Vince Young), but I'm happy for the Saints to be in the Super Bowl! And even happier the Cowboys aren't! ha! So I'm rooting for the Saints. I've even looked for shirts on ebay.

Geaux Saints!!!!