Friday, January 8, 2010

8 months already?

8 months already? Just by lookin' at that smile, you can tell he's the happiest baby in the world. Right? Let's see what you're doing these days at 8 months, little man. You LOVE to eat and some of your fav's are, anything with bananas, MumMum crackers(I think you're addicted!), animal cookies, apples, even though it sounds gross as a mashed up baby food-mac and cheese, and F-O-R-M-U-L-A-you can't get enough of that stuff! You just adore your big brother, but as of right now he doesn't want much to do with you unless it's splashin' with ya at bathtime-you boys love bathtime sweet! He says you drool too much but that's because you have SEVEN teeth! Yes, that's right! SEVEN. For Christmas, you opened up to give us a sweet grin and there they were. You weight 20lbs., which is more than you're brother weighed at the time but it's ALL muscle sweet guy! No worries! You can't get the hang of crawling, you'd rather roll all over the house and chase your brother and HIS toys-yea, you like Jacob's toys much more and I think it's because he doesn't want you to have them, that make you want them that much more! Ha! You love to tell us "Bye Bye", yep those were your first words and you sound SO precious saying them over and over when you wake up in the morning. Uh, did I say morning? Because you actually like to sleep 'til almost afternoon! You are THE best sleeper. You sleep from 7:30pm until around 9:30am! YIKES! What can I say, you love to sleep! And bless you, because you sleep through Jacob tearin' through the house and makin' all sorts of noises! LOVE IT. and you're a cuddler, which is why I can hold you for hours without putting you down. Oh and you giggle at the simplest things and to listen to the sound of your happiness, makes every one around you smile.
Who do you look like at 8 months? Well, it's sure NOT mommy. But that's okay, I think you're a good mix of Daddy and his side of the family. And those blue eyes? Never seen anything like 'em. They are gorgeous and you are SO handsome. Everyone talks about those eyes and I tell them you'll be free to start dating when you're 40! Ha! Did I mention you're a true Momma's Boy and I LOVE IT. You see me and you reach out for me...and it melts my heart each time. Thank you for making our family of four SO special and unique. The love Mommy has for you and Jacob has no words. Love you Always.
guess I gotta start planning the 1st birthday...yikes!

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The Scott's said...

geez...7 teeth? he has more than b&b! love, love, love those big blue eyes! such a little cutie!