Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Louisiana or BUST!

For those of you that know, we were suppose to spend most of this week/weekend in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, however those plans changed due to Bonka's health, so we decided last minute...we looked forward to Louisiana all year, so let's take a small trip to Lake Charles, LA, Lauberge Du Lac to be more specific...and boy, did we have FUN! Look at this boy chowin' down on some po'boy bread...If you have never been to any part of Louisiana, you know that food there compared to Texas, well, it just doesn't compare!
You can see what I mean as you watch my child opening his mouth as wide as it'll go to stuff this big 'ol turkey po'boy in his little mouth! That takes skill ladies and gentlemen! This restaurant had a train running all through it and Jacob thought that was the coolest thing EVER! So easily pleased!!!

TA DAAAA! Trying some "real" king cake (a.k.a not the stuff you buy from kroger or wal-mart that taste like it was make three years prior...this is the real deal!) DELICIOUS! Wish you could check out his bright, purple lips! loved it! This was dessert and breakfast for him. Oh well, it was a mini-vacation, right?

Mommy and Jacob sitting outside of "Chuck E Cheese" (a.k.a. Lauberge Du Lac Casino, where we stayed, but Jacob seemed to believe that it was a Chuck E Cheese on steroids!) worries though, we brought him to the arcade in there and he was content, the thing did remind us of a big Chuck E Cheese! Pretty cool! Definately going back toward summer to swim and check out the lazy looks F-U-N! Mommy and Daddy even had some gambling time old times! Mommy actually did really good on her fav. machine-WHEEL OF FORTUNE! I just like to get three spins and spin the wheel...makes me feel like I'm on the show! Ha!

PawPaw(my dad) came to see us in the hotel and that was Jacob's favorite part. This boy L-O-V-E-S hotels. I think that's the best part of any vacation for him!

Oh yes, and this would be my child wearing the slippers and robe from the hotel...see what I mean? LOVES THE HOTEL! Thinks he's soooo cool in this picture, he was saying, "take my picture in the hotel flip flops and with the rope on". If you ever need someone to DESTROY a hotel room in about 10min., we've got the boy for the job!! Call us!

Okay, let me explain....first of all, these are taken at Steamboat Bills(if you've never been...GO, RIGHT NOW!), second of all, my dad's family is HUGE, so wonderful and they all look very much alike, most of them are from Lake Charles and Sulphur, LA so we all decided to meet up and have a little reunion while we were in town, which was great because we NEVER get to see them...NEVER! The photo above is my mom, Aunt Laura(dad's sister) and ME!

Now this photo above was some super, famous couple that everyone was snapping pictures of, so I grabbed a photo for myself...aren't they just beautiful? Wonder who they are???

Jacob fell outta that chair THREE times at dinner because of sitting like that...whew, Mommy must have been busy eatin' some delicious, cajun food?? WHOOPS!

Now, I wish I could go through and name them all to you, so let's see....far left, Aunt Yalon(dad's sister), and far right, Grandma Louviere(dad's mother), and then bunches of aunts/uncles and cousins in between! Very fun, little trip, good visit with family that was much needed(thanks Dad!), and Jacob got his wish of going to a HOTEL! And thanks Mom for giving Brandon and I some time to gamble downstairs by was nice and I won some extra spending money$$!

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