Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Commit to be FIT

Just a few pictures from Commit to be Fit at my son's school! Very cool to be a former PE teacher and able to join my boy in class! It was fun and he's a good hula hooper, unlike his Momma! I received many compliments on his behavior and how he focuses on his stretching and exercises! MADE ME PROUD! We listened to our heart beat on the stethoscope and talked about our heart muscle and Jake leaned over and said, Mom you talk about this stuff all the time at home so I already know it :-) and to end that day on an even more FIT note, I came home from Team Mom duties to my boys working out with Daddy in our workout room! Ah, I love those three guys more than life itself!!!

And a random Molly pic enjoying the little bit on sunshine we had over the weekend!!

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