Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just some things!

Jake has started baseball season and has really come out of his shell this year! We had slugfest over the weekend and he did really proud! Of course I'm team mom but I really don't mind since I worked with his coach and most of our same parents, so it's been fun! Baseball practice and games remind me so much of my childhood. I love baseball season and of course, the sunflower seeds! Ha!! These two go hand in hand right?! Oh and Jake figured out that he loves some Big League Chew! Hilarious to watch him chew it, he acts like he's real tough and a pro at it, this boy and the way he acts so mature sometimes....cracks me up! We've got one that's the life of the party(Justin) and the big man Loves the shy guy, tough boy approach (Jake) and obviously NO GIRLS WILL BE ALLOWED IN OUR HOME EVER!!!

We bought some Girl Scout cookies from our cousin, Annalise and although I'm happy we supported the scouts, it's very hard to use will power and avoid the deliciousness!!! Good news is the boys love them so they should be gone soon!

These boys wanna be outdoors 24/7 so we've spent most of this gorgeous weekend outside!! We needed our weekly veggies so we went to Froberg's farm and let the boys run around a bit! And of course HAD to take a fAmily pic in the strawberries! Lol! FUN

Strawberry picking starts next weekend so ya know we'll be doing that soon!

Have a great rest of your weekend!!


Mama Hen said...

That strawberry picture is so adorable! I can't buy girl scout cookies. I eat them all up so quickly. I like tagalongs and the mint cookies. I hope all is well my friend! I am recouping from that incredible blizzard! I want spring! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Party of Five said...

So cute! This past weekend I don't think we could have asked for nicer weather. We're ready for Spring too!