Tuesday, February 19, 2013


First of all, it was a great weekend because Daddy was off the entire time!  We were able to chill, play outside A LOT, get ready for our camping trip and just be together...the four of us :)

Then it was lots of workouts this weekend and these boys pay close attention to Mommy and Daddy...they had to have boxing gloves like us, had to do ab workouts with us and of course, they ran with us too!  I sure hope these habits stick with these active boys!
They took this VERY seriously and Justin kept saying, I can feel this all in my tummy and heart muscle.  HILARIOUS!  He choked down zucchini ONLY because Jake told him it was good for his heart!  Ha, I'm gonna let Jake talk Justin into all of the healthy foods from here on out...he'll probably have better luck!

Yesterday, although it was a little cloudy and sprinkling rain, we managed to get in more than few hours of just PLAYING! All four of us played soccer, which Daddy and Jake dominated!  They were so good, Justin and I didn't stand a chance.

BUT when it was time for football, Justin and I managed to distract Jake long enough to steal the ball...
yea, yea so we don't play by the rules technically but hey, we had FUN!!!!  Jake was obviously getting very mad that we weren't playing RIGHT

Down Set...and Justin took off early each time!  HILARIOUS!!!  It was making Jake SO mad!!!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend outdoors too :)


Theresa Benoit said...

Can y'all please move closer to me??!! We would have so much fun living near each other!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I love how active your family is! That's awesome!