Friday, February 22, 2013

lots of this and that...

When we aren't hanging outside, we are playing with monster seriously, that's the ONLY toy they'll play with.  These Monster Jam trucks and Bass Pro Shop trucks!  And of course they have plenty of other toys, but they aren't important to them AT ALL!  
I know they have well over 100 of the mini versions and not a great picture but they are all lined up in our workout room!  Vroom Vroom!!

The other day we had to trim MeMe's trees...well, my husband did that but Justin and I watched and were there for support :)  and Justin plays in his "sandbox" for hours at her house.  It's a little nook underneath her pool deck, full of rocks and they play with all of their toys in there!  So fun!  they call it their hideout and he was really happy that he didn't have to share toys with big brother since he was at school!

And this big man!  What am I gonna do with him?  He's growing so fast and acts like a teenager some days. He helps me around the house and is such a great big brother unless he's taking things away from his brother, which he does love to do!  He's loving baseball, can't wait to start Running Club at his school next Tuesday and he loves anything that's outdoors!  Says he wants to be a coach when he grows up and says PE is his favorite class!

As we've transformed our fourth bedroom into a workout room, two little guys have taken notice.  They had to have their own pair of boxing gloves and the other night, we let them have a little fun punching the bag!
I had no idea how serious they'd take it, making the sounds that Mommy and Daddy make through the punches and everything...we were cracking up!
Little man was punching, wiping his forehead-as if he were drenched in sweat and saying, "whew this is such a great workout, I can feel my heart"...never a dull moment in this house :)

And yep that's Molly in my bed!  She was laying in my spot and just kept looking at me as if I were going to sleep on her bed or something...

I had to share my beautiful gift from my very good friend, Ashlyn.  It's written on a tile and goes perfectly in my home!  I was beyond excited when I opened it, her gifts are ALWAYS so thoughtful...always!

And little man has to be cool on his bike like big brother, always trying to do tricks but we keep telling him those training wheels are limiting his "tricks", we'll see if he finally figures things out without them one day soon!  He looks just like his Daddy...and I love it!

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Irish Italian Blessings said...

We JUST started getting into trucks, and cars, and trains. Boys are so cute!