Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monster Jam #3!

Well we had another great time at Monster Jam this year! Hard to believe these boys started loving these big 'ol trucks three years ago! It's become a yearly tradition now and honestly, I look forward to it!!! I enjoy it, especially since we own every, single truck! But I really love being with my boys and watching them get SO excited when the trucks fire up and run things over! Thankfully Monster Jam doesn't teach drivers Ed!

As for the trucks, Justin's most favorite guy is Brutus and YAY, he was there!!! You should have seen Justin's face light up when he saw him! It was like Disney World for trucks! Ha!!

We waited in LOOONG lines so the boys could meet the drivers and we finally met, Grave Digger! Each year his line is like 3 hours long but this year we got there early and went straight to him! Only waited about 20 minutes! Woohoo!

Such a fun time with my husband and boys! It may sound strange, but I don't like missing out on the "guy" stuff! I want them to know as they grow older that Mom was cool and she could hang too :-) so yea, I was up there yelling for my favorite trucks right along with them! Another fun year!


Party of Five said...

So cute! We didn't make it this year, but J saw it on TV and said he wanted one of those motorcycles.. I thought about your boys. ;)

Tesha Vann said...

Wow have they grown!
Way to go and do the boy stuff. You are such a cool mom

raisingahappyfamily-momof8 said...

lucky you!!!! that looks so fun. bet it is so fun! I have 5 boys and have never been to a show like that...I know we would all have a blast. good for you!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

It looks like you had a great time!!!