Saturday, February 16, 2013

VDay week wrap-up!

This week was INSANE busy but so much fun too! I loved being able to help out at Jake's school so much this week! I helped with the school party, spent a day in PE and subbed with a few other mom's so that his teacher could enjoy a LONG lunch which she very much deserved! I guess I appreciate those moments so much because I know how quickly this time will pass! Trying to cherish each day ;-)

And then it was Valentines Day!! Ah love was in the air! Justin woke up and told me that he bought me a dress that said Marissa McClellen on the front! Lol! He cracks us up...his personality is so funny! He had everybody at baseball last week laughing the entire practice! Wonder who he gets that from?? Hmmm....

My boys gave me flowers and the following night, Brandon & I had date night a day late! It was our first time trying Red Sushi and we loved it! It was a fun night! I love that man so much! Although he doesn't show others too often, he's hilarious and a total goofball when nobody else is around ;-) he had me almost in tears most of the night...the good kind!!
I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day and spent lots of time with the people you love most XOXO!
We are ready to go camping this coming weekend, feels like its been too long and the boys ask every week! We are going to visit my sister in law & family! We're very excited and honestly I haven't been to Austin since I was little! Looking forward to it!

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Mama Hen said...

You are such a cute couple. Happy Valentines day my friend!