Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Honor Of...

My grandmother, Josephine Arnona. The St. Joseph Altar took place today at our local Catholic Church. Most of you know I am sicilian, thanks to my grandparents, and the Altar is a tradition for Sicilian Catholics that is held each year. My grandmother worked on this altar for years, making it special each and every year. Then our family would come and help celebrate this beautiful tradition with her. Now we are blessed to be able to carry her legacy through us and this year the altar was dedicated to very special to my family.
The Altar is three tiers, representing the Holy Trinity. The people of Sicily prayed to St. Joseph, their patron saint, to end death and starvation during the Middle Ages. Breads, cakes and cookies are baked in Christian shapes and each piece represents something very sacred to the Sicilian Catholics.

The generations of hard workers that make this possible each year...and ME, the future generation! Yay!!! Why am I always the tallest woman in a group? Ughh

My mother and I and if you notice my grandmother's picture is right between us with a beautiful tribute to her and her hard work. Thank you, Dixie.

Jacob and his MeMe...he liked eating the spaghetti and all of the italian cookies! Yum.

What a beautiful couple! Me and my loving husband...whew, I love this man!

My sweet BOYS!

Jacob and cousin, Aaron.
Love you Bonka, I felt you there today at the Altar. Hope that we made you proud. I promise to carry this tradition on in honor of YOU. Thank you for being so much more than a grandmother to me and so many others. Love you always. You are missed so very much.

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