Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sure was fun at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo today!
Momma's two boys! and would you look at those tractor tires?!! I love you two more than you'll ever know and I had SO much fun being with you both and watching you discover some cool things today!

Momma and her little man!

Jacob had to test drive a Chevy Camaro! He probably would have taken off if his feet could reach those pedals?!
(Momma wants this car to joy ride on the weekends!) Hint! Hint!

MeMe and her little man too!

watching the chicks sweet!

Jacob was a farmer for a day! Whew, it was some hard work. he even had to plant some tomatoes...not for "real" but it sure was fun to watch him take this sooo seriously!

Our lil' farmer pickin' some corn!

Um yea, we also test drove the Rainbow Playsets! Sure was fun!
Thanks MeMe for a fun day at the Livestock Show and Rodeo! Too bad we didn't have the energy to make it through Black Eyed Peas..maybe next time?!

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