Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's that time again!

Spring Break is HERE! woooohooooo!!!So to kick SPRING BREAK off right, we were invited to my uncle's beach house they rented for the week, it was a beautiful day and we sure did have FUN! A little cold, but Jacob didn't seem to mind as you can see!
Look at my kid with his pants pulled up like they're underwear! Freakin' out that he might get his pants wet. Now, little did he know that 2 min. after we took this picture, he would fall straight in the water and get soaked...LOL! Seriously, soaked!

Look at those little feet splashing in that water, he was so happy!
Justin didn't get any photos taken, but that little boy was in the sand, barefoot, lovin' the sand between his toes!

Mommy and Jacob waiting on the porch swing for Uncle Paul to bring the boat around for us to hop on for a ride! This was Jacob's 1st ever boat ride and he LOVED it! He thought it was hilarious that he kept bumping up and down-it was a bit windy! And we actually saw a dolphin in the Gulf Of Mexico!! WOW! And Daddy caught an Eel...ewww gross! It looked like the ugliest snake you've ever me, not something I wanna see again.

Justin started crawling too- pictures to come VERY soon

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