Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jogging Stroller = NAP TIME!!!

Not sure about your children, but our precious Jacob stopped taking naps when he turned 2(he's 3 1/2!!) and the ONLY way he'll take naps are on car rides or in the jogging stroller, so even though today wasn't the prettiest of days outside, I took the boys for a stroller ride and this was the result! GO MOMMA!!! Got in some exercise and accomplished the impossible-getting Jacob to nap! Yay! Is that a sweet boy or what? Zzzzzzz!!!
and although he crashed in the stroller as well, he got home and decided it was play time in his crib! Mommy is okay with that, my sweet boy, you take naps like a charm!! I am loving this little peek-a-boo game you play every time I come in your room to check on you! LOVE IT!

and randomly...another one of my creations! Can you tell I am loving making these adorable domino necklaces?! This one is for my mother-in-law, her grand kids call her, DeDe and she has four grand babies and I have listed them in order from oldest to youngest...came out super cute! wish you could see a better picture, but I don't have one of those "SUPER DUPER fantastic, Mommy cameras", so this is the best I can do! Sorry!

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