Monday, March 29, 2010


So, Jacob is in SoccerTots (loves it!) and we are considering swim lessons and t-ball for the summer...however, ALL HE WANTS TO DO IS, R-U-N! I love that this boy wants to be healthy and exercise right there with his Momma, but I am starting to think we are looking at a future track and field star!?? Hmmmm
The view Justin and I have of Jacob...hilarious! He's got good form too...don't ya think? He will usually run 3/4 to 1 mile, then poop out and decide to hop in the stroller and at that point, Justin starts cracking up that his little buddy is back to ride along with him! LOVE IT!
Can you see Justin hanging out in that carrier? Yes, my little man is almost a year old and we still sport the carrier in the BOB stroller only because I haven't taken the time to remove the carrier adapter(that's not really what it's called, but whatever!) Poor little man...tight squeeze these days, huh?

But Momma, I'm still HAPPY! Ahh, those eyes...

Some silly pics from the park!

...and to end this perfectly, beautiful day outdoors, Jacob helped his Daddy work in the yard! This kid was DIRTY when it was bath time...whew, he was a smelly, little man all day today. but isn't that the joy of having two boys??!!

Man, he sure does take his little helper job seriously, right?! Look at that face...not sure where he gets the drama?! Hmmm, could it be his Daddy? or Momma?

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Jenny said...

I swear we had the exact same day! Parker & I went for a walk/run to the parks & then he played in the garden w/ Nana. So funny!