Thursday, April 22, 2010

ALMOST made it a full year without...

But sadly, he had a dr. appt today and sure enough, double ear infection- YUCK:(
Poor boy, look at this pathetic little face of his, sad right?! He is really stuffy, pulling at both of his little ears, eyes are watering, just hasn't been himself, so Mommy feels terrible that I didn't take him to the doctor sooner, but ya know how it goes, most of the time you take them and it's NOTHING-waste of money and time, but this time wasn't the case...

Now he is sleeping comfortably with some meds, so hopefully tomorrow he'll wake up a happy little guy like usual!
Here's to no more ear infections, EVER!
may be wishful thinking?! But let's for sure say none before your 1st birthday on May 11th!

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