Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random, Weekend FUN!

Happy to report, Justin is feeling MUCH better-Yay!
And we had the most perfect weather today for playing OUTSIDE! And this was Justin's first trip in Jacob's favorite toy, the Arctic Cat! As you can see, they had a blast and are both passed out in their beds :)

Excuse this bottom pic and Justin's super high pants! Ha, not sure why they're pulled up like that, but it looks HILARIOUS in this pic! I promise I don't dress him like this in public, only around the house...Ha!


Momma Such said...

How cute! Your boys are adorable! Oh I am always throwing comfy clothes on my kids around here. Plus, having all boys I hate to put anything nice on them when at home b/c most of the time it gets ruined! And I think he looks cute! :)

marmee said...

hello marissa,

thanks for coming to visit my farm. it was always my husbands dream to live a simplier life on a farm and we have been here 4 years.
it definitely took some adjustments on my part but everyone else adapted fairly easily. now we all love it and grow our own food in part.
the rest we buy from local farmers.

i have a neice named marissa so i was curious.
your boys are so cute. i have 3 boys and 3 girls mostly grown now.
happy april. start today to live your dreams.

Hattie said...

Happy to hear Justin's feeling better. Those pics are so cute. That last one had me laughing. Evan's pants alway look like that b/c he has such a big belly! He either has to wear them up high over his belly or wear them low and under is belly! Ha!

The man who died was Rusty Dipuccio. We're good friends with his daughters. My husband went to school with Shannon and Steely. If it's the same guy what a small world.

Meet Virginia said...

Too cute! Your little guys are so handsome and I am glad that Justin is feeling better!


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Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!