Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Ladies Man"

A.K.A-Justin Cole will be turning ONE in just ONE, short month!
This kid is HILARIOUS!
Your "baby talk" sentences melt my heart all day long!
...and baby pics of you and your Daddy-you can't tell them apart! and if I haven't said it enough-THOSE BABY BLUE EYES! You sleep like no other baby I know! Two, yes TWO naps a day, plus 13-14hr. nights!! You love your crib, right when we lay you down, you crash-
it's precious :)
Mommy's also having a hard time letting go of the ONESIE. I feel like letting go of them, means you're not my baby any longer?! Sad, but true. So, for Mommy's comfort, you'll wear an occasional onesie until I'm ready to let them go, k? Thanks for your understanding!
P.S. Your Daddy can't stand when I put you in them, but I think you look just as precious as can be!

Your big brother loves you SO much! You two are so fun to watch-especially when he's not taking your toys away:(
We keep telling him to watch out, because pretty soon you'll be able to hold your own! LoL!
Love you sweet little man and can't believe at this time last year, I was on bed rest (as much as I could rest while chasing Jacob all day long!) waiting for your big arrival!
Happy 11 Month B-Day, sweet boy!

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