Monday, April 19, 2010

Injury #1..and counting

So, we were playing over at cousin Angie's house yesterday, having a great time UNTIL...

Jacob was riding on the PowerWheels STANDING UP, instead of sitting down(our little rebel!) and Mommy told him over and OVER again to sit down and somebody wouldn't listen-can't imagine who, and this is the result! A busted up face after hitting a tree and falling out of the truck! And our little tough guy says the worst part of all of this was dirt in his mouth! I think the entire neighborhood heard his screams over the dirt in his mouth rather than the scrapes and bruises! And what did Jacob do immediately after being cleaned up?
Ran right back to the PowerWheels truck, stood up and took off....I'd like to say he learned his lesson, but I guess not?!


Hattie said...

Jacob looks just like my little Evan did last week when he fell outside and scraped his face up. Half the time our boys look like we beat them. Ha! I just have to keep reminding myself, "boys will be boys!"

Momma Such said...

Ouch! You should stop by and go to my archived posts and look at the pics of my little boy when he fell down the steps. The bump was HUGE! It was golfball size or bigger and SO scary!
I have 4 boys and I am not kidding when I say that the ER knows us by name! Boys will be boys, but darn it they sure do know how to scare their Mommas!

Meet Virginia said...

What a tough guy!! He is so cute!!


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Meet Virginia!
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