Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Gran

Happy 80th Birthday, Gran! We love you bunches and hope to see you very soon!
Gran is my husband's grandmother(his dad's mother) and is such an incredible woman! She is very wise, has many great stories to share and has a beautiful heart :)
After losing my grandmother, Bonka just a short time ago( she is missed beyond words!), I have grown to cherish my relationships a lot more and one that I have always cherished so very much is our relationship with Gran-although she doesn't live close by right now, we are hoping she makes her way in this direction very soon!


Hattie said...

Happy Birthday to Gran! All of my grandparents have past, but both of Justin's grandma's are still living it up. One's just turned 80 and the other is 86!!! Hope y'all get to see her soon.

Laura Dean-Mooney said...

MM--I don't think she figured out how to get on the Internet with her new DSL connection, but when I go over there Thurs. evening, I'll be sure and show her your blog and this post! She'll love it! Thanks!