Thursday, April 15, 2010

He's a STAR!

So, today was Jacob's very first performance at Mother's Day Out! the way! The theme: "Join Us at the Luau", very cute!
People there to watch our performer: Mommy, Daddy, Justin, MeMe, PawPaw, DeDe and Pop! Yep, we were all there to capture this moment....but the question is,
Did Jacob perform??

If this video didn't sum it up for ya, the answer is NO! Here's the play by play-
We arrived and immediately I was asked to come to the back room to see Jacob because he refused to put on his cute little shirt-once he saw me, he decided he'd put it on (Oh and a bribe to take him to the park to play afterward:) ) He walked up on stage and stood there like a deer in headlights-he pretty much looked like he wanted to puke all over the stage! I totally missed a good picture of the finale where he decided he'd pick his nose...AWESOME!
But in our eyes, out little man is a STAR! We are SO proud of him for going up there and looking so darn cute for his very first performance!
Good job JACOB...we love you "way up the moon and back" sweet boy!

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