Thursday, April 1, 2010

WILD about the ZOO

So, we decided that this weather is TOO perfect to not take advantage of a ZOO trip! So, we packed our lunch, and headed out...
I have a love/hate relationship with my husband's shift work!
LOVE: when he's off during the week and we can do fun things like this as a family!!
HATE: when he works nights and the sound of ANYTHING, makes me hold the phone close just in case the police need to be notified :( Pathetic, I know! Sad, how all of our fun day pictures involve Justin, strapped in his stroller and NO SHOES! Why, you ask? Well, he takes his shoes off NO MATTER WHAT..this kid is good too, he can get flip-flops off in one good tug, tennis shoes-he has it down to an art form!
Happy Boy LOVED the train ride...his favorite part for sure!

Jacob's favorite...the playground, baby!!!

Oh how I wish this was a better pic to capture this super, hilarious moment! Justin LOVED the animals, was cracking up when they'd come over to him, then he'd grab one by the ear and giggle! PRECIOUS! And where was Jacob? Not liking the goats at all. hands in his pockets the whole time!

Taking a trip down the slide with Big Brother...I love these boys! Just in case I haven't mentioned that in this post?!
and can you see the barefoot baby again??, we sure looked classy at the zoo this time, huh?

Two of my three boys...this is a 100% daddy's boy, but I think he has those Momma moments least I hope so :(

Jacob wouldn't go near the "real" peacock, but this big 'ol plastic one was too much fun!
Very entertaining!!

Jacob loved the reptiles and I assured him that there will be NO reptiles in our house, EVER!
Even when he's 15 and begs...absolutely NOT!

And a few pics of the animals...the whole reason we were there. right? I am convinced that Houston is too hot for these animals, so usually they are off finding shade and nowhere to be seen...but on this particular day, they were loving the not-so-humid weather, which made it a great day for us!
Think it's safe to say, the McClellen's were WILD ABOUT THE ZOO!

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The Roaches... said...

I have a snake, a lizard, and a frog you can borrow. In fact, our house is only about 10 minutes from the zoo! I'll even let you hold them and feed them. :-)