Monday, May 31, 2010

The Great Outdoors!

Ok, being a former P.E. teacher, I LOVE being outdoors and this would be why I wanted boys in our familly SO very, when there's this wonderful weather 24/7, why not ?!!
(getting a little hot though, yesterday was almost 100 degrees!)
Justin is taking a break from the pool and chewing on his favorite, little toy!
Ahh, those blue eyes-LOVE 'EM!
Jacob enjoying his frozen yogurt! So fun! We took the Danonino yogurt, stuck a spoon in it, put in freezer for one hour, and YUM!
A tasty outdoor treat and less mess than a popsicle!

Check out those new cleats for teeball! Momma's little man is growing up SO fast! He loves to play teeball in the backyard, but we'll see how he does with all the fans
(parents and grandparents) for his first game in a few weeks??! Wish us luck : )

Does it get better than this little, toothy grin?! HILARIOUS KID! He was throwing himself forward so that his face went totally underwater, then popped up and
started cracking up...he's a wild man!!!

Here's to OUTDOOR family fun for all of you this summer! Enjoy : )


The Scott's said...

looks like ya'll had fun playing outside this weekend! those boys are getting so big! and cute. can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures.

Hattie said...

Oh my Justin has beautiful eyes!!! Love the pic of him in the pool, such a cute smile! My boys have been wanting to try the frozen yogurt thing since they've been showing it on tv! Ha! We might have to now, since you said it wasn't that messy. Which I'm all for!!!

Momma Such said...

Great photos! We just invested in some little cleats too! I just wish I could be outdoors more. I tell you being pregnant this time I feel like I overheat so fast!