Sunday, May 9, 2010

Surf's's a party!

Hey, Birthday Boy! You had such a fun time at your birthday party yesterday...your family and friends love you SO much, little man! You enjoyed getting hugs and kisses, eating lots of yummy things including your ENTIRE cake-yes, the whole thing and some very cool's some pictures that captured the fun time! Look at this handsome birthday boy!

My cousin, Angie is So talented! if you think her cake looks cute on the outside, you should taste it! It's AMAZING....

As you can see, Big Brother-Jacob and his buddy, Parker LOVED your waterslide!

All your buddies and cousins came to help you celebrate!
Jillian, YOU, Hudson, and Kenley!

this waterslide was a BIG hit!

Sunbathing Babies! Brooks, Burkley, Hudson and YOU
on your super cute "surf's up", beach towel!

Look at you with all of your cousins- Bella, Sophie, YOU and Annalise!

And enjoying ALL of your precious birthday cake!

Momma and her little man! You are such a sweet boy and Momma loves you "way up the moon and back". I had to hurry and take a picture with you before you grabbed my hair with those, icing covered hands of yours!

You and Big Brother! As all of your family and friends sang to you, you clapped and smiled the entire time! You loved all that attention and then you DUG IN and didn't stop 'til it was devoured! Ha, LOVE YOU and those super blue cheeks!

Opening the gifts with Mommy! You only cared about playing with this huge bag of balls for your ball pit...thank you Jillian! He's gonna LOVE it!!

We were SO happy Gran was able to make it to your birthday party! She hadn't been feeling good that morning, but she made sure she could see you for your big day! She got you a little horse that you just LOVE and some Buzz Lightyear PJ's...

More sliding fun....

Oh and thanks to Luke and Hudson, you are LOVIN' your Cozy Coupe! Daddy put it together bright and early this morning and I think it's your new, favorite toy!
Your "real" birthday is Tuesday, May 11th! It's hard to believe that you're already one year old sweet boy, we feel like we have LOVED you forever. Mommy's heart melts each time you look up and show me that smile of yours and when you reach out for Mommy...ahh, there are NO words. Watching you and your daddy together makes me so happy. When you and Jacob are playing together and don't know I'm watching-it's a feeling like no other-the bond that you two share :).
The day you were born, our hearts grew and continue to grow each day! You are such an amazing child, always exploring and always HAPPY.
Thank you for loving us and for being YOU!
Happy FIRST Birthday, Justin!
Oh and Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mommy's out there! I know my Mom is THE most incredible mother I know, who is also my best friend and has been forever. This Mother's Day is hard after just losing my grandmother a few months ago-but she is loved and missed dearly and I know she is looking down on us today and I hope, as a mother, I make her proud! Love you, Bonka.


Momma Such said...

Wow, what an awesome birthday party!!! How fun! Love the cake too!
Your little guy is so cute! I especially love that first pic of him! :)

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!! :)

Tini Posh said...

Your lil guy is too CUTE!! Party looks like it was tons of fun!! Love the cake!! Saw your comment on Two Savvy Sisters..thanks for the love!