Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Justin!

you had a super fun BIRTHDAY!! It started with some pancakes and turkey sausage(one of your fav's) and then when Daddy woke up, a trip to DeDe's to swim! You love swimming little man! Look at you!
Oh that hat! SO stinkin' cute and you kept it on the whole time!

after Jacob warmed up to swimming, he wouldn't stop jumping in and kicking all over the place....Jacob, where were you yesterday at swim lessons??! Hopefully tomorrow's lessons go a little more smoothly?? PLEASE!

Ok, so Brandon's aunt is probably the 20th person to tell me that Jacob looks like Taylor Lautner from Twilight(click his name and his pics will pull up, so you can decide??)! even a woman at Target randomly walked up to me to tell me that! This is good and bad, I guess. Bad because I think Taylor is HOT and do not want girls/women saying that about my son! He's not dating until he's 30-Ha!! and good because it's flattering that people say my son resembles the teen heart throb! I gotta admit, I think he's pretty stinkin' cute, but he's my son:)

and there's the birthday boy! I think we sang, Happy Birthday today at least 15 times because he cracked up and clapped while we sang and we couldn't get enough of it! Oh and yep, that's more blue icing...thanks MeMe! But he sure did LOVE it, so who's complaining!

Well, your birthday was filled with some swimming fun and some cake/cookies fun too!
You enjoyed every bit of it and I hope you had a SUPER, SPECIAL day! Thank you to all of the friends that called, sent texts/emails to wish Justin a very Happy Birthday! He has so many family and friends that LOVE him and I will say one, last time...I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S ALREADY ONE! He was born one year ago, today at 12:31pm at Woman's Hospital of Texas. Justin: The day you were born, our lives changed forever and you have made our family so very special...we love you way up the moon and back!
Happy FIRST Birthday, Justin!


The Scott's said...

Happy 1st Birthday Justin! Hope you had a great day! B&B had so much fun at your party on Saturday! They can't wait to play with you more this summer!!!

Hattie said...

Happy Birthday Justin!!! Sounds like the little guy had a great birthday! Now that you pointed it out Jacob does look like Taylor. Too cute!

Kite Koop said...

Love it! Happy birthday Justin. BTW, I love the name Jacob. We have a 33 month old Jacob. And I am so jealous of your BOB duallie. I have a single. Want a duallie soooooooo very badly!

Thanks for following my VoM blog. I tried to be your follower but couldn't find the link!


Meet Virginia said...

Oh my goodness! Happy 1st Birthday lil man! He is too cute Marissa!! Looks like you guys had a great day!


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Meet Virginia!
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