Sunday, May 23, 2010

real or plastic?

so, I had hoped to have blogged about this hilarious day on Friday, however Jacob-my three year old, decided he'd catch that YUCKY stomach bug all night Friday night and Saturday :( Poor guy felt awful and at one point, I cried because I felt so bad for him and there was NOTHING I could do to make it better. At the same time, I HATE the stomach bug. You can give us ANY other cold/sore throat/runny nose-I'll take 'em all before the stomach yuck! I hate it! But happy to report that all seems to be well here in the McClellen house and let's hope it stays that way! Oh and I'd LOVE some advice on how to keep that darn bug away from us for good?! Ha, I know it's wishful thinking, but seriously..we ALL take vitamins every day, wash our hands like crazy..I mean, I have a degree in Health and still can't keep this bug away? What's up with that?! SO, any suggestions will be gladly accepted and put to use ASAP! Thanks! Now back to the post
We spent most of the day Friday outside in our backyard which does not have a "real" swimming pool as you can see! It's plastic and from Target last summer :)
But when you look at these pictures, it looks as though my boys could care LESS that this is plastic and not the real deal! Right? They had a BLAST and we were out there for hours!

They could not get enough of splashing around in this thing and Justin was just happy to not be in a float(when we go to my mother in law's pool at her house, he's in the float the whole time) so he was 100% happy!
Here's to MANY more "plastic" pool days in our backyard :)
Hope you all had a happy and "well" weekend!


Momma Such said...

I don't think it really matters if it's plastic. The kiddos just love the water! At least mine do! I can't wait to get our pool out! It is just starting to get warm here.
Have a great week!

Tarah said...

Cute Pictures! We can't wait to have a water day with ya'll soon!

alicia said...

Kids absolutley don't care what kind of pool you have as long as its water! Great pics!!

And if you run out of uses for the plastic pool, invite your girlfriends over, dump some pretty soaps in the warm water, pull up your lawn chairs and have yourselves a pedicure party! My girlfriends did this for me a week before I had major surgery- most fun evening we've had! Her hubby even grabbed the shop vac and put it on reverse to give us bubbles. ;)

Anonymous said...

Kids look like they're having fun. Wow! You really have a nice play area fixed up for them I see...sliding board and everything. Cool.