Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday = FUN DAY!

We started this beautiful day with a trip to the local Fruits 'N Such amazing and tons of fresh fruits and veggies! It wasn't all ready for picking but as you can see, we picked some blackberries, peaches, and string beans! FUN!
Justin wasn't feelin' was TOO hot for this little man!

picking some peaches...Mommy even ate one right off the tree and let me just say, DELICIOUS!!!

Mommy and her big boy! He had the most fun running through the water puddles that were left after the big rain yesterday :)

After some picking, it was off to DeDe and Pop's for a swim with Parker! Yay! They had a BLAST! They played in the big pirate blow-up ship and jumped off the side into the water at least 50 times!
no pictures because Mommy was too busy SWIMMIN'!!

Little man LOVES swimming! Cant say it enough! At this point, he was taking a water break and doing some snacking! But he was ALL about the water today, kicking around and watching the big boys splash. Each time the big boys jumped in, Justin would clap for them...JUST PRECIOUS!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a fun-filled Sunday like us!


The Scott's said...

Ok...where is this place that you did some picking? I wish it was still strawberry picking season at Frobergs!

Cole said...

sounds like a fun weekend! cute blog. :)
nicole visiting from