Monday, May 10, 2010

my personal trainers and "scream" lessons!

Ah, what a funny blog title, right?! Allow me to explain...These are my personal trainers, better known as, JACOB AND JUSTIN! We usually take off in the jogging stroller at a pretty good pace, then all of a sudden when Mommy starts to jog, I usually hear, Jacob: "Mommy, go faster, you're going too slow!"(thanks for the motivation, Jake)

So, this was BEFORE our first swim lesson and you can see he looks super cute all decked out in his swim attire and matching flip flops, right?-I love this boy! Okay, now here's where it gets interesting...
We get to swim lessons(the place is very neat!) and I am thinking it's going to go great, right? WRONG! He is foaming at the mouth, snot flying out of his nose(yes, it was THAT bad), and he's yelling out for MOM. Sad, but true. Now keep in mind, he's 3 1/2 years old, there were 2 year olds swimming all over the place, four year olds using floats and they were kicking and keeping themselves up, kids diving off the edge to the coach, clapping and laughing...then go over to my kid, -Yep, he's yelling, his coach is pulling him in by his foot as he's clenching the side and holding on for dear life, screaming the entire time! Oh yes, that was our first swim lesson and we have lesson #2 on Wednesday afternoon...I am keeping my fingers crossed for a better outcome, and if it's as bad as class #1, I'll bring my camera to capture it!
and after all of that, I look at him and those dimples and I just can't stay mad at him,
I love him too stinkin' much :)


The Roaches... said...

LOVE it! I hated swim lessons myself and swim team for that matter as a kid. However, I'm glad my mom made me go and stick with it!! So-keep up the good work!! And yes, make sure there are videos for when he's older... :-)

Hattie said...

I need a jogging stroller! I also need to get my boys into swimming lesson. Jaxon would probably do the same thing as Jacob and he's 5. Ha! Saw the pics from Justin's party. He looked to cute! It looks like y'all had a great time. They grow up way too fast! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!

Summer said...

Love it! The personal trainers are too cute :0)
I need a jogging stroller LOL...

OMG that is how I think Kelcee will be if we enroll her in swim lessons! I was going to this year but I think I am gonna wait until next haha :0)

Love your bloggy by the way super cute and fun :)

I am your newest follower
Summer :0)

allthingsnew said...

Following from Welcome Wednesday! LOVE his outfit! Can't wait until my daughter is big enough that I can dress her up in big girl clothes :)